Thread: Help getting Dev-C++/mingw includes working

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    Help getting Dev-C++/mingw includes working

    After failing to compile some standard code, I decided it was time to upgrade my compiler. mingw sounded good.

    Anyhow, I already had mingw installed from a long time ago... so when it came time to install Dev-C++ I figured it'd be best to delete mingw (I couldn't find any uninstall option, so I deleted the folder)

    After installing Dev, I noticed it couldn't find the include directory, where all the standard header files are kept. Fair enough, I looked through the options... manually added the folder to the include list, edited the environmental variable "include" to include the mingw include directory.

    Didn't work...
    Uninstalled, reinstalled... same problem, can't find include files. Anyone have any ideas? I'll be formatting soon so it's not that big of a deal, but it'd be nice to get it working.

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    lol - I had the same problem (AND AM STILL) having the same problem. - I just simply tried a pointer switch, nothing compiled - I even tried one of their own examples and ended up with nada. - By the way - did you download the new beta version? I did, than went to the old version - haven't tested any code though so I can't help you there.

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    Yeah, it was the new beta version... it didn't work even after I reformatted either. I just gave up on it.
    What OS do you use? I'm on Win2K, latest service pack.

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    I think you can get gcc for windows (I use it in linux). I like command line, you might not.

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    Tools->Compiler Options: 'Directories' tab: add the include directories to both 'c includes' and 'c++ includes' tabs. With the latter make sure you have included the path to 'include/c++' of your mingw2.0 install.
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