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    josh nojones

    Unhappy cards for parents

    hi im new with computing but can someone please help me with creating a new document on publisher i want to make my mum a card for her birthday, is that possible i saw sum guy on a movie do it but i know movies can be unrealistic. thankyou guys

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    It seems to me your problem is very urgent and needs attention. I'm not sure about this one, but maybe some of the other members could help josh out.

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    First of all, that's a nice gesture that you want to do that for your mom, despite not knowing how.

    Secondly, go to new... there are several templates you can choose from and once you go through the little wizard, you can edit the text or change it around... there should also be some clipart with the program that you can change the pictures with and such.

    Post here again if you have a more specific question.
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    You can just set the page layout to Card and choose what layout you want then add text and images till its as you like it. There should be some wizards pre-installed
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