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    memory leaks

    what are they?

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    Unnessecary variable that keep taking more and more memory.
    [/not really proffesional mode]

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    It's usually when you allocate heap memory (say with malloc, new or a system call) and then either neglect to free it, or lose the option to free it

    int* lpint = new int;//allocate an int on the heap

    *lpint = 5;//assign value

    lpint = new int;//now allocate another int

    *lpint = 10;//assign value

    delete lpint;

    This frees the memory with the value 10 in it...the one with 5 in it is leaked and cannot be freed..also allocating memory in a function and returning before freeing - assuming the pointer is not accessible from another part of the code.........other more complex situations like throwing an exception in C++ before allowing resources to be freed........etc...etc

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