Thread: Details of a Mobo

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    Details of a Mobo

    The mobo im looking at is a barebones one, but i cant tell if it has onboard video. I think that most mobos have onboard video, but I would like comfirmation.

    The mobo is a 333MHz Motherboard: ECS (DDR333, AGP, Audio, LAN)

    Oh, and for future reference, are there any good sites that list the specs for comp parts?

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    Oh, and I severely doubt the mobo has on-board graphics since it has an AGP slot.

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    since im new t0 building a comp, that means i would need a video card to get anything on the screen, right?

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    right. And how can we check out the mobo if you don't give us a manufacturer number?
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    You can tell if the mother board has on-board video by looking at the connections the board has. If it has a connection that looks like an inverted serial port, then yes it does have on-board graphics. Also, I believe the motherboard you are interested in has no video, as it is a economy board. I have used it quite a lot and really like it. It is one of the best economy boards I have used, reliable and fast. You didn't specify the exact model, but im goping by what is offered at the stores lately. Good luck!
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