Thread: SSL Login only ?

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    SSL Login only ?

    I'm creating a site where client login to our intranet/extranet with user and password and the site displays their data.

    My question is should I make the Whole Site SSL or just the login page ?

    Using IIS 5.x, Win2K

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    depends on the level of security needed and how hard it is to make the entire site SSL. If it's not much extra work, I would go ahead and do it. Can't hurt to add extra secuity.
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    SSL for the entire site seems to be a waste, you don't need to ENCRYPT an entire html page, just the sensitive data.

    Just do the forms.

    If you want secure connection - setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to your intranet/extranet.
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    Nothings ever secure, it just depends how close to secure-as-possible that you want to be

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    I've been testing something:

    In IIS there's the default web site and the Administration web site.

    I made a new one called 'New' on port 13 (same as my default web page)

    but how do I browse to that ?

    http://localhost:13 -----> my default web site

    These don't surf there:


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    setup Host Headers - a host header is like or it might be without the www also.

    Under host headers you can redirect to the proper site at the proper non-standard port number.
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