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    Linux Box


    I am going to be doing a lot of programming C on Linux, and using some graphical packages...

    My question, I may run a dual boot system, However since I may not be able to get the net up and running in Linux, I wanted one machine with Linux and the other with Win XP.

    I dont want to go out and get a newsystem, something used, maybe like a 433 or something.

    I would like to run something like KDE or Gnome, what would a pretty Ideal computer be to run linux?


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    If you are going to be running GNOME or KDE then the main thing you need is RAM. My main machine used to be a PIII 550 with 320MB of RAM and it ran GNOME and KDE just perfectly. That machine was replaced about a month ago so it will run the latest and greatest from GNOME or KDE.
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    Mandrake 9
    AMD K6 300mhz
    128mb ram

    runs fine.

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    Mandrake.. pft...

    SuSE 8.1 runs KDE 3 just fine on a 2GHz with 512 RAM.

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    my Athlon 750 with 256mb ram works just fine, one thing though watch out for winmodems, linux has a tough time with them.

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