Thread: Building a game pc, questions

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    Originally posted by RoD
    >>I would go with 512MB RAM min, however I would suggest 1GB.
    Ok, that's really an overkill, you're truly not going to use
    1GB, maybe on big servers but not in your everyday programming
    or gaming pc.

    Again i'm going with what i can afford. I found out last night that my buddy will sell me another 128mb stick cheap so i may grab that.
    Watch it that you get an number of the power of 2, also
    check if its the same speed if its 100 mhz, if its 100 youlle have to clock
    down your other 133 mhz ram mbs to 100 mhz as well,loss in

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    I have 512MBs and certain games take up most of it and 1 game I have will eat up 700MB's if I set the settings to high.

    300MB RAM usage is becoming pretty common among today's games - RAM is cheap and it's worth getting 1Gig if u can.
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    I'm with OSR - I've got 512 and have been looking at going to 1GB

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    its pc133, ordering this stuff tommorow, case on friday.

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