Thread: how do you get rid of the read-only attribute of a file

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    Question how do you get rid of the read-only attribute of a file

    i have obtained a CD-RW from my girlfriend but she had turn it

    into a audio CD now i want to ERASE the files and the CD to back

    up files. when i go to erase the files useing a Direct CD format

    utility (part of roxio easy CD creater i think (same directery in

    start up menu)) it says access is denied and other stuff

    im using *(WinXP)* i've gone into help it says i should be able to

    change this attribute with the *(recovery console)* but i don't

    have that installed so i need some other way to take this

    attribute off of the files on the CD_RW

    this information would be greatly valued

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    hmm... I can just go to Windows Explorer, right-click the drive, and select "Erase This CD-RW". Can you? (winxp)
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    You need to use the Roxio erase utility. The cdrw disk needs to be completely wiped and then formatted to use it as a Direct CD. In easy cd creator look under disk>erase disk. Choose the full erase option.

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