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    he didn't even tell me he was going out to buy it, he just went out and did. I was VERY ........ed at him.

    The reason there is no AGP is because it has on-board graphics. They expect people not to upgrade it's crappy graphics, because anyone stupid enough to buy it probably don't even know what a graphics card is

    Man, I can't wait until I get a job. Screw buying speakers or crap a lot of other stupid preppy kids buy, I'm building me a computer!

    I hate this damned computer. I mean I can play games now, but nothing ID material, except for Quake 2 or 3. RTCW I have to turn a lot of graphics card stuff down, and turn a lot of the stuff down in the game, but now I can actually play it!

    Govtcheese: I guess they make a PCI version because it says PCI on the box, and it plugs into my PCI slot . Oh, and BTW, they make GF4 MX series cards with PCI interface, but not the Ti's (but who would put a Ti card on a PCI slot anyways?)

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    frenchfry164, if you decide to invest some more, you coud try to get more RAM. It must be incredible cheap at the moment, for an old system. With the RAM and the Graphic Card, your system should be really efficient/fast.

    About building your own computer: whenever you do, just make sure that the graphics card and the mother board are compatible 100%.

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    I already got a 128 MB stick ordered, just a matter of time b4 I get it. It's really cheap, it just uses PC100 RAM. This will be my second RAM upgrade, and it'll just about max out my motherboard (my motherboard can hold 320MB RAM).

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