Thread: Wireless LAN cards, suggestions?

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    Wireless LAN cards, suggestions?

    I have a Linksys-based Wireless LAN here, but this PC isn't playing nice with my WMP11 2.7 Linksys card (Redhat and Linux in general don't get along with the cards chipset, so there's no hope)

    Does anybody know what PCI WLAN cards can I get that have decent linux support? It needs to be able to coexist with my linksys 2.4ghz network. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not sure about cards, but I found this site that looks like it explains how to use the card with Redhat(7.1):

    Good luck! (I should probably take note, just finished setting up a linksys wireless network yesterday at home, and I've also got RedHate(7.1), havn't tried it yet though).

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    That sets up the Prism driver.. which doesn't work with the new 2.7 card, thanks anyway though

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