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    Now I have just (finally) got back to normal.

    Two days ago, I had a problem and had to format etc.

    The problem was windows explorer went 'a bit crazy' on me.

    By this I mean it would not open 'my comp','my docs' and everything else windows related. Kept saying the usual 'windows explorer has encountered a problem blah blah' ...and will now close!

    Then I got the same message saying IE has encountered a prob etc, even though it was not running.

    Weird thing is I could open other software, like borland, games etc.

    What the hell happened-I had been surfing for hours before this happened. I have a regularly updated NAV running and am firewalled. Dont think I got a virus.

    And, if it happens again, is there an easier way to fix?

    Such is life.

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    Watch how you parade around the interenet. Watch how you blindly open emails and things like this.

    Since I've been on the internet and had this 500mhz 256mb RAM machine, I've ran zero firewalls or virus scanners. I got rid of both of -edit- the only 2 viruses I've ever received -/edit- without formatting. One, I just removed the Windows directory, and re-installed it. Remeshed the "program files" programs into the windows operating system so they'd work flawlessly. The other one I got, I removed like 11 infections manually and downloaded a free tool from to remove the last 19 infections.

    That site is useful and helpful, refer to it for virus diagnostics(pin-pointing symptoms, getting tools, taking actions, etc.).

    - edit -
    The online scan is quick.
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    That's why I love system restore...

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    And if you read my signature, you will see system restore was available to me as I run XP.


    I tried sys restore of course! It restored fine, but said no changes had been made to my computer-even going back to the furthest point.

    Something more sinister was going on there I believe.

    edit-oh yes, i run the symnatec scanners, and I am stealthed etc.
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    Such is life.

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