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    creating installer

    I just got a burner for christmas and I want to back up some of my downloads, the problem is I accidently have errased a couple of them, and don't want to re download them. Is there any way I could recreate the file that I dowloaded? I've installed the programs from the orginal dowload so I have them.

    For example

    Download Directx 8 sdk
    Install the SDK
    deleate the download

    now is there any way I can re create the dowloaded file?
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    Sorry, but unless you buy a special data-recovery utility(and even then it's not a guarantee), you're gonna have to re-download that stuff. Hope you have broadband. BTW do you need the installer? Just burn the regular files. If they're too big, compress them.
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    Remember that an installer does a lot more than hold sets up system variables, registeres COM objects & applets and edits the registry as well as changing directory structures on different parts of the drive...

    As previously said....get downloading!

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    *cries* if I can download it, oh well. I'll do a back up on my computer
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    err... i don't know if it'll work (in fact i doubt it very much) but if you have installShield crap that comes with vc6++ you might be able to package the files back up. install shield does keep a record of what it registers so it can unistall. might work. if your really lucky.
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