here's the deal. A few days ago my windows crashed beyond recovery, so i dropped in a new hard drive and installed the same version of windows (98se) on it. I've had some trouble getting everything to work since a lot of hardware was configured at the factory, and we only have one driver disk which i was lucky enough to find so that i could get online. I'm going to buy a new ribbon cable that has enough spots on it to hook up the old hard drive as well (as a slave). Now my question is, what data will i be able to get off of it. I assume most folders and everything will be easy to get, but what about running programs that were installed? The windows on it doesn't work, but would the OS on the master be able to read the registry on the old disk?

Also, i didn't want to start another thread, so i thought i'd ask this question here as well. For some reason when i startup, during autoexec my soundblaster stuff loads, but i notice when the emulater loads it says that their is no memory manager and it needs at least a emm386. As far as i knew that should have installed when windows did....any ideas? Thanks much guys.