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    Question menu to switch between OS's

    In the computer I am building, I would like to have 4 operating systems (I know I can have 2...i dunno whether I can have 4 or not):

    Windows XP, Windows 98, Linux, and MSDOS 6.2

    Any suggestions on a program to get that would let me switch between the OS's?

    I know there is automenu, but that is old and I dont think it works for any versions of Windows past Windows 3.1, plus I have never tried it with Linux.

    I have also heard of one called Lilo. Is it any good?

    What others are there?
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    Lilo is a configurable graphical or text-based menu for dual booting. I use it, it works well.

    Only downside is you can't configure it from outside of a Linux environ, so you would only be able to make changes to your setup via Linux or cygwin.

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    Lilo is good, as mentioned above. If you are looking for something else Boot Magic will do. Obviously if you use Lilo you won't have to shell out 50 bucks!
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