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    Beeps - Question

    Im trying to fix two old 486s I have sitting around. When I boot up it beeps once, three consequtive beeps, and then one more. I know a sequence of beeps means something, I just dont know what it means. Are there any websites that you can direct me to that will have this type of info?


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    It means there isn't a videocard present, or isn't working

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    486 Technical website, hope this helps.

    "As you are probably aware, beep codes and error codes vary according to the BIOS being used. According to IBM standard, 1 beep followed by 4 short beeps = EGA problem. "

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    Try replacing the video card, then the memory. It is probably one of the two. You should be able to get 486 era parts for next to nothing. Good luck.
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