Thread: any sound card recomendations

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    eats only heads

    any sound card recomendations

    I want a card that is:
    dos\linux\windows and everything else compatible, It should support direct sound and 3d sound, as well as other types of sound such as midi

    all I need is line in and line out but more is better

    I would prefer it be less then 50$

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    eats only heads
    darn it acidently pressed post. RIght now I have a ac97 and a herculease dvd 5.1 (junk) so I would like it to be better then that.

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    As far as I can tell, at least in the UK, we can get a Sound Blaster 5.1 player (just the rear pci card and software) for 30. And you can download drivers from the website. Always used sound blasters, as they have never failed me yet. check out for more info... or
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    under 50USD? damn...don't know about wouldn't be anything new...and if it is it's not worth it, believe me, odn't go generic on this. You can get sound blaster live or audigy 1 for 60-100. Check or something
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    eats only heads
    I found a sb live for 32$ counting s&h and tax(none). Thanks anyway. Yes I learned my lession about not getting something generic. I just hope I can get sb 16 emulaiton to work without errors. It seems like dos compatibility can cause a lot of trouble.

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    sb live 128mb's are sweet for a basic card, can grab em for bout 20 bucks. My buddy sold me mine for 25 and he has a few left.

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    I just bought a Sound Blaster Live at Summit Direct for 50.00 Canadian. If there is one around your area, may be you could try there. Is there a Summit Direct in the states?
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    eats only heads
    sorry if I didn't make this clear but a card is already on its way, thanks for the advice

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