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    I was intereted in getting a secondary firewall, since XP has one.
    There are many on the market, I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions in which to purchase.

    There are two free ones which I have found.

    zonealarm - this gave me problems when I used it before, I could never turn it off, even if I uninstalled it, it was still on!

    This is the second one. I havent downloaded it yet. I wanted some recommendations before I put this one on, or purchase one from norton, or Black Ice.


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    I think the best one I've ever used is called ATGuard. Although it is not compatible with Windows2K. I do not think it is compatible with XP either. So my alternate choice would Be Tiny's Personal Firewall. It's excellent. Try that out and you will like it.
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    I use Nortons and it seems very adept at its job.
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    Im with Fountain on that one. I've always used Nortons, I always will (Until I find something better )

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    Zonealarm for me.

    >>I could never turn it off, even if I uninstalled it, it was still on!
    Yeah, right, 'cos all that software you DON'T have installed gives you lots of problems, right ?
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    Try this.

    I like Zone Alarm and Tiny Personal Firewall, never had any problems with either but I prefer ZA.

    I donít know if the current version of Zone Alarm requires this but,

    After uninstalling Zone Alarm you need to delete the True vector internet monitor. Only then is it truly uninstalled. You'll see it listed as a service.(ctrl|shift|esc)

    Do a search for 'vsmon.exe' and delete it!
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    get a hardware firewall.

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