Thread: How often do you format?

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    How often do you format?

    The title pretty much says it all. I seem to format my computer much more often than everyone I know, but that could just be me.
    Its not because of problems with my computer I just like the clean "feel" I get after having formatted. Does anyone else format regularly ( and delete coursework as I have done before now )?

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    format just a partition or the whole drive? if the whole, then you have to re-install the os. and that's a pain in itself, besides having to install all programs back on and risk loosing something valuable.

    i only format when i have drive corruption (from overclocking, my old western digital couldn't handle high buses) and then i got a maxtor and never then since.

    so, no, i don't prefer to reformat. i do feel clean when i defrag, though. i do that often.

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    Formatting??? Hmmm, I better check out what my Linux Users Guide says about that....
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    Every 7 month I think (aprox ofcourse).
    Well english isn't my first language, (it's instead a useless language called danish which only 5 milion people speak!!) so if you think my grammar SUCKS (it does by the way) than you're more then welcome to correct me.
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    in a blue moon!
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    Well, I polled this question here. Dont dig it up though please.
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    When I buy a new computer = once every three years.
    (yes, I'm using Windows)
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    With Win ME I was formatting about every 2-3 months. With XP I installed it over a year ago and haven't formatted once

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    it all depends, my first xp install was a few days after its release, and lasted up till about a month ago. And i formatted a few days ago because i f'd up my registry. On average every 6-10 months i'd say.

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    Ive only do it when I get a problem with the computer. Over the past year I must have formatted at least 10 times. Now I have XP, wont bother with a dual boot, crossing my fingers, wont have to format for a while.

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    Personally, I format whenever I start having really bad drive errors...etc.

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    in the computer club i head at school i distribute my directory on cd every week to about 30 people (the directory is full of great resources and tools, etc) I have a partition i use to make cd images so i can rapidly copy cds. I format this partition once a week to keep it running the fastest it can (it's about a gig, 700mb get used frequently)

    I used to have a data partition which i reformatted often, but i abandoned that one, it took too long (it was 20 gigs)
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    Mandrake, never but then again I am not proficient in its use so I rarely use it.

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