Thread: Boot issue; no floppy drive

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    Boot issue; no floppy drive

    Ok, folks, here's the issue. I, the idiot I am, was editing my '' file and I saved it. I hadn't opened it in binary mode, so much data was lost. Now windows will not boot up. I would simply load my friend's spankin' new '' file onto my computer through DOS, except that the CD drivers aren't loaded then and my floppy drive doesn't work. So here's my question: is there a way to get the new com file onto my computer? And if not, is there a backup clone located somewhere on my hardrive? I'm on an E-Machines Celeron 433 w/
    256MB ram,
    4GB HD,
    CD burner,
    standard CD-ROM,
    running under Windows98.
    I know I could make a bootable CD with the file on it, but I can't without a computer and the kids in my neighborhood aren't much help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (To answer your question, I'm on my sister's computer right now)

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    You can change your BIOS to let your CD loadup before your HD.

    Usually, right at the begining of your startup it will tell you to push either DEL, or some F_ key to enter the BIOS or setup utility.

    Once in your BIOS, there should be a boot section where you can change the load sequence - this is usually your A:/ drive first, C:/ drive or main HD 2nd, and CD-ROM 3rd. SWITCH the CD-ROM to be 2nd before the HD. Now the comp will check for any bootable sectors in your A drive and CD-ROM drive before the HD.

    So you can either put in the bootable Windows CD or you can probably just be able to use the CD-ROM drive once the comp boots to DOS, so you can load your friends file from a CD.
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    You could always just boot from a startup disk and choose the option with cd-rom support. Then just put in any cd (windows official or a burnt version with the exe ) and copy it over/re-install.

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    didnt he just say his floppy drive wasnt workin
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    Yes, he did. Buy a new floppy drive. Only a tenner.

    And it looks like an old model PC, so chances are the BIOS will not have a 'boot from cd' option. I know my old,old one did not.

    But, I would check that first..
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    I'll try what you said, StiffRod. One thing I tried before, however, is I put in a boot CD. It worked, because I think my comp looks for boot on CD before HD. Using this boot disk, I switched the disk to one with the file on it. What did I get? The emulated DOS drivers won't read other disks (how very kind). So if that changes your opinion, please say so.

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    I have resolved my problem, thank you all. The dos on the boot disk labeled my drives odd letters such as 's:' and 'q:' I'm ok now.
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