Thread: running old programs on new machine

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    running old programs on new machine

    Why can i not use my old programs on my new computer. I have just got a windows xp and I have tried to install Microsoft office 2000 on it that I use to use on my old computer. it installed o.k. but when ever i try to open a program on it i.e. outlook or access it opens up and then closes back down about 2 seconds later does anyone know why this is and how I can stop it? I Have tried the compatability wizard but this does'nt help.

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    so silly... your XP got so many problem.

    Do u upgrade the XP from 98 or ME or it is a fresh install??

    I also use XP and Office 2000, but there is no problem.
    Maybe u should try uninstall it and install again.
    Life is difficult...

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