Iím doing a research paper for school. If anyone is a programmer on their job or in some way getting paid for it on the side, it would be great if you answer these questions. Sorry some of these are going for my research paper, but if you donít mind I would like to do some follow up questions for some answers that may interest me personally. If there is anything you would like to answer in private so your employers or co-workers would not see you can send the answers to my e-mail address. irc_stony@yahoo.com

What is the type of programming do you do at work (web programming, embedded systems, and middle ware)? If you do not mind answering what company do you work for?

Have you ever gotten to write programs in your job when your job title isnít being a programmer and allowed to do it during work hours? (Example writing scripts to automate task when youíre system admin or outputting HTML for web development.)

What is the average amount of people working together during the development phase of a program life cycle? Also are most school books accurate when they talk about it?

Does your company follow any standard style guides? Do they use their own or use other known ones like the Indian Hill or Hungarian notation?

Is the programmers part of the design process? Have you ever gotten any unrealistic specs?

What is the guess of the percentage of in house tools, commercial tools, and open source tools used to work on project? Is time and budget more of a factor then having the skill to build them?

Ever had any patent or DMCA issues?

I read some articles using mix languages. An example using VB for the GUI and compiling the code that does the work in DLLs in C. Or using C then optimizing parts in Assembly language. How often is this really done in a commercial environment? Are the results from doing this good?

There is a lot of hype of code reuse. Though I do not know if they mean home made libraries or code made from other projects. Iíve seen advertisements for third parties libraries, but they cost a lot of money. Is the result for using them worth it?

For contract programming who owns the copyrights of the source code? Have you been allowed to use parts of it for other employers?