Thread: favorite LAN card brand

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    favorite LAN card brand

    My favorite LAN card brand is D-Link, whats yours?

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    3com and netgear
    hello, internet!

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    3com!?!? time warner gave those out for free while installing cable , they are really bare bone

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    I would have to say D-Link also. Have them in both computers, never had a problem with them.

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    I've never really looked into LAN cards, I usually just buy whats there. I've got 2 intels and 4 belkins in my network and all work as expected, which is about as much as I can say for a LAN card.

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    i like belkin, they are nice. Intel is good too, but i would only get their gigabyte cards

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    I'm an intel fan here. I know a lot of people that only like 3Com, but I've had bad experience with them in the past (Failed hardware/bad Customer Support)... my intel NIC and all the ones at my work are great... I'm sticking with them.
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    I've always used dlink and they work fine, i've had one of their cards for a few years with not one problem.

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