Thread: Why certain websites disable me to continue surfing?

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    Why certain websites disable me to continue surfing?

    Sometimes when I visit a website the homepage doesn't load all the way and gets locked. After I close it, I can no longer browse the DSL frame says that I'm still connected but every time I click on go after typing in a URL in the explorer frame, it just says opening page but nothing ever happens. AOL(including their frames) works as long as I don't use their browser to visit a webpage. Even disconnecting and reconnecting doesn't help. The only way it works again is if I restart the computer and then connect.

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    This usually happens when you run outta memory, either RAM or Harddrive.

    Do you have Win2k or WinXP? When this happens press Ctrl-Alt-Del to see the processes and how much mem they are using. Try to clean out your cache. In Start Menu->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Cleanup.
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