Thread: Sys Fans?

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    Sys Fans?


    Today my beloved power supply gave out on me-stunk too.

    Poor thing was 2 yrs old, and the only original thing left in my tower.

    Anyhow, two questions.

    1) When I boot now, I can see CPU fan speed,but System fan is zero. Is power supply fan a 'system fan'. I am sure it used to say 5000RPM or something there. If so, where does it get the info? Needless to say the fan is spinning nicely.

    2) My old one was one of the first 300W ATX supplies, and it was smaller than this one. In fact it did not have a fan on the bottom,just internal. Now, this new beast has the same vents but a beast of a fan on the bottom. The only way to fit it was to have this fan pointing right at my big CPU fan/sink. Does this matter I guess is the question, or should it be pointing to a vent which will mean I need a new tower.
    Such is life.

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    Originally posted by Fountain
    Is power supply fan a 'system fan'.
    No. Whichever fan in connected to your mainboard's extra 3-pin fan power source (most motherboards have at least 1 extra) is your 'system' fan... it is the same type of 3-pin connector that your CPU fan uses. A fan that is powered by a peripheral power connector (type of connector that your HDD or FDD uses) is not a system fan, and because of the PPC, cannot report RPMs (only 3-pin fans can report RPMs)

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    if the fan thats pointed at the CPU HSF is blowing towards the CPU it might affect it but not really, since the CPU HSF gets hotter then the air in the PSU, the temp blowing at the CPU would be something like 90F and the CPU HSF would be something like 120F so it might even help a lil, all in all, dont worry bout it.

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    Ok, I get the picture. Thanks.

    I have left it on for a few hours now, and CPU temp is steady 40 degrees. Thats actually a bit better than before.
    Such is life.

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