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Thread: Is Linux ready to enter the desktop market?

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    It is pronounced (s oo s) with a line over the oo part, rhymes with noose or juice or Zeus.

    And once you learn VI's search-and-replace syntax, You will find that changing basic calls over to STL ia quite straightforward.

    Or you cound choose to use a GUI editor, like abiword in text mode or somehting, which gives you your ctrl-c and ctrl-v, so you can gradual step down from your windows addiction. Like the patch.

    And if you really need a windows fix,. they make a BSOD screensaver for Linux.

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    So I don't get to say 'Siouxsie Linux'?

    Oh no, not VI!
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    I think that the main problem with Linux is that its hard to find it preinstalled. One of the most annoying things to do for me is to install a new OS, even upgrading my friends computer from 98 to XP was a pain in the butt. Another friend has been daring and installed it on his PC. He got it installed, but being a moron he 'accidentally' unpartitioned his HD and lost everything. I've seen a comp with only Linux since one of the programming teams at my school won one in a competition and it works great.
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    You can blame Microsoft for there not being any pre-installed Linux boxes. Dell offered Linux as a pre-installed OS about a year ago and I believe Microsoft threatened to raise the prices for their OEM versions of Windows.
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    haha mandrake 9.0 may be easier but obviously many of you have not installed much add on's to it. A lot of them are a booger, and w/out knowing about linux makes it a pain cough cough .bin files took me forever. A lot of files cough cough apache, you still have to use the shell. i love it though
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    Is installing the nvidia drivers on an SMP machine that much harder than installing them on a single processor system? I've gotten my 13 year old non-techy brother to install nvidia drivers on a single processor Mandrake 8.2 system (whilst I talked him through it on the phone). It's the same installation of Mandrake that he performed himself (again, while I was on the phone).
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