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    Question mandrake linux 9.0 help

    i don't know if any of you can help me, but i'm desperate. ( :

    Ok, i've been having this problem for about a week and can't figure it out for the life of me. I've downloaded the iso for mandrake 9.0 and when I go to install it, it will go to where it loads it into memory, it will then give me an error stating that it can't uncompress the 2nd stage ramdisk. I've tried redownloading and burning the iso, different cd rom, 2 different hard drives, everything. It tells me it could be a linux kernel error or a hw error. I have 8.2 and it installs like a champ. If it matters, my specs are:
    MB: ASUS A7V266E
    Memory: 512 ddr
    hard drive: (a) 40 mb seagate, it think
    (b) 60 mb ibm
    processor: amd athlon 1700xp
    cd rom: (a) lite on 52x
    (b) sony burner
    ethernet card, geforce 4 mx440 graphics card
    once again, all of this works with 8.2 but won't even begin to install with 9.0. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.

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    Check Mandrake's site for a list of compatible hardware. It looks like you're going to have trouble with your video card. Linux really sucks about things like this. I couldn't install Red Hat 7.3 because for some reason support form my sound card was dropped. Red Hat 7.2 handles it fine. It's Crap, but it's free. Trade off i guess...

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    I doubt that...

    nVidia is one of the most supported cards you can get as far as linux goes.

    And beyond that, a vidcard conflist wouldn't bother you until you started up X.

    Fails to uncompress ramdisk, eh? Thats a new one on me, but that early in the install sounds like a problem with the iso. Did you try a different mirror perhaps?

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    I was merely trying to express the importance of making sure that ALL of your hardware is supported before trying to install Linux. I certainly helps to cut down on the amount of variables during the install. No where in my message did I claim the geforce 4 was responsible for the problem.

    I doubt that...

    nVidia is one of the most supported cards you can get as far as linux goes.
    No ****? thanks for the info. I never have understood people that want to put the newest video card in their linux box. WTF are you going to do with it? Unreal Tournament is only fun for so long. Driver development is dicey especially for the newer cards. That's all i was saying.

    Plus, you should do some reasearch before you open your mouth, Imperito. If you would check the Mandrak site, you would see that the geforce 4 is NOT supported by Mandrake 9.0.

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    Well, now you have me worried...

    My mandrake box uses a gf4, with the drivers, do I need to take it out?

    Please guide me oh wise one.

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    eats only heads
    not supported just means that if it doesn't work its not their problem and you shouldent expect a refund(for a free product)

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