Thread: Windows Installer Problem on XP

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    Windows Installer Problem on XP

    i was wondering if any of you ran into this problem before. I have windows xp pro, and i cannot install anything that uses the MSI installer , as opposed to say install shield or something of that nature. Plus being xp, i cant re-downloaded the MSI because they claim its built into xp and therefore i cant reinstall it or anything. I cant install any ms powertoys, any SDKs, certain games (bf1942) or anything that uses the MSI installer.

    Anybody heard anything about this or run into it ?

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    Hmm, i have never had this problem but there are different versions of the MSI you can download aside from MS, as they have **** for brains.

    Try: (dunno bout this one)

    or search on

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    those both send you to ms naturally

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    nope, never heard of any trouble like this before. Maybe the anti m/s people have poisoned your pc. Never know!
    Such is life.

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    Ok, try this....

    Open the command prompt....

    Go to the folder holding the MSI file..... "CD msi_dir" (msi_dir being the directory)

    Now type this (assuming that system32 is in the normal windows dir on C drive) ....."c:\windows\system32\msiexec.exe /i msi_filename" (msi_filename is the name of the .msi file)

    Does that start the install?

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