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    windows 98se no shutdown


    I have had windows 98se for no more than a year and I have never been able to get it to shutdown properly. When I do tell it to shut down it halts at the "Please Wait..." screen. In Safe Mode it shutdowns like there suppose to. My question is what could it the cause be?
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    I used to have this problem all the time until I upgraded to XP. It would just lock up at the please wait screen. I guess it is just a glitch with 98.

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    rundll32 is the code that is called to shutdown windows, it is called with a paramter passed to depending on if he macgine is to restart (exitwindowsexec) or to go down to halt (exitwindows), if the machine is having trouble shutting down it may be due to this file. use the system file checker to check the system files and restore missing or corrupt files
    (i think you can type sfc at the run prompt to bring it up)
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    This probably doesn't apply, but if all else fails it might give you something to look into. At one time there was a bios bug that wouldn't let some versions of linux shutdown properly. Flashing to a newer version of the bios fixed it. Never heard of it bothering windows though.

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    yeah, my teachers computers d othat too,
    i found out that if you do restart in ms-dos mode you can either
    A) safely press the power button to turn it off
    B) type 'exit' to restart windows

    that's about all you can do short of reinstalling windows, i'm not sure what causes it, i have win98se and haven't had the problem, but soem have so i guess it has to do with how nice you treat it
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    This is a known bug with Microsoft's CommPkg (it's part of your O/S). it is trying to connect to the local network and the code gets unloaded before it completes so gets stuck in a infinite exception loop on the processor.
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    It is sometimes caused by too many programs running in the system tray. Get rid of some of the usless one's, and then may be your problem will be gone.
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