Thread: Mandrake 9.0 questions

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    Mandrake 9.0 questions

    I just installed mandrake 9.0 yesterday. During installation It asked me lots of things about the system, like what version of xfree, how to set up my networking, how to partition the system and so on. Now I had no clue how to set up my dsl for it, I know i had to chose the ppoe and then i entered my provier as and i dont know anything about a dns, then it asked for my gateway mask, and ip adress and all this stuff but i have no clue what to enter for all of this, anyone know how to help set up earthlink dsl with mandrake?
    Also I chose to use an older version of xfree that said it had hardwre 3d acceleration and i dont think that was the right decision anyone know about this or how to change it?
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    Ok well id like to say that I figured out my networking problem and now everything is up and running. Before I enable ICS (internet connection sharing), will windows ercognize the connection so linux could be my server?

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    I'd be able to help you there, except mine locks up when loading the installer into memory. I think me needs to reburn the image.

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    I hope you checked the md5sum of the iso before you burned it or you just installed some hacked up sh** onto your pc.\

    [Edit] if thats the case and your on a slow net connection im more than willing to burn u a copy for the price of the cd plus shipping. Not sure how much shipping is for a cd but its like $.50 for a cd or like .487534 somethin like that.
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