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    Ram Booster

    I went to PCworld from hammers link and say this,6624,00.asp

    A ram booster, seems pretty cool. Has anyone used it, do you suggest I get it?

    I do have 512 Ram, although My comp has been giving me some problems recently, and freezes when I run some applictions that take up a lot of resouces, like java applets.

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    RAM "cleaning" proggies are pretty common now, there are quite a few. Some of them are quite nice because of their automation (freeing RAM while CPU activity is low)

    But I believed when they originated, and still believe that calling these kinds of programs, "boosters" and "accelerators" is a lie; They do nothing but free up shi@ that Windows or an application failed to. Or in other words, we shouldn't need these programs... lazy programmers!

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    i just downloaded that and i found out that 86% of my ram is taken up when i am doing nothing in windows! just my usual programs running the backgound (internet connection, antivirus, msn messenger, yahoo messenger) i have 320mb of ram. no wonder my computer freezes so often... but the optimizing of the ram barely does anything for me, well i havn't seen it free ram yet.
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    i suggest cachman, or is it cacheman, i forget how exactly to spell it but it more then doubled my speed!

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    memoey preservation applications are often not really worth it, remember they themsleves take up memory and eat up extra processor cycles because they constantly poll the ram to check if its i use, which also a causes a system speed decrease.

    the system will assign virtual memory as an application needs it, instead of getting a memory program it is far better to just buy 128mb of extra ram as it is so cheap at the moment
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    Cacheman is great software though! It can really optimize your VCACHE settings for your type of usage! Go cacheman!

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    Memory cleaners aren't going to do you said you had all those programs running in the background...i'm assuming you have winblows, in the bottom right of the taskbar..there should be a bunch of icons, all the ones on the right are programs that are actually running. That's what's eating your ram (i have 128 and i never have problems even when i run huge games like deer hunter), go to start, run, type in msconfig, then click on the startup tab, disable everything that you don't need (if you don't know what it is don't disable it) you can figure out the weird ones by looking at their path on the computer which is listed in the pane. Ram "accelerators" do do as was mentioned earlier and clean up junk...but they actually take quite a bit of the precious ram you're trying to preserve, especially because most of them run every clock and norton are the only two programs i've known of to do's very processor intensive as well due to that fact.

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    It's sad there's a market for so-called RAM accelerators, but it's because Microsoft didn't know how to _design_ an O/S. Windows has no Memory Manager!

    I read this on page 2B of the newspaper yesterday (the truth is finally coming out):

    "The software giant [Microsoft] has run into...problems: Its programmers, designing a new system from scratch, are working in unfamiliar territory..."


    What have I been saying?

    Microsoft buys other companies or examines competitors products-- but they do it by _looking_ at things on the screen. They never actually look under the hood to see how the other guy did it-- and hence, Microsoft makes the worst crap in the world.
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    >It's sad there's a market for so-called RAM accelerators, but it's because Microsoft didn't know how to _design_ an O/S

    From what's been said, I can't see what these RAM boosters do. All they are doing is dumping stuff in physical memory to virtual memory (disk) unnessarily. So when you're app needs access to what it is holding, it's going to have to come from disk. This is only going slow things down.

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