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    Server Rentals

    At least.. I think this topic should go in here... it's technnical in a way..

    I know it's possible to set up a server type thing from home, using ADSL and the like, but I was wondering if I'd be better off renting a server on a month to month basis, from places like It's for a potential clan, and I just wondered what you people thought...

    I've just been reading on issues of gaming and according to EA, it's also an issue of how powerful people's PCs are at home as they share CPU processing power between them? Is this true - it's in the game faq of the BF1942 game (Read me).

    Thanks for any comments
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    The pro is the ease of it, and if the server "dies" the company fixes it, its not costing u money to fix it.

    The downside is you don't have physical access, if you want to have good gameplay yourself rent.

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