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    Glad we got it figured out.

    Got lucky with that one. After you'd ruled out hardware and software problems all I could think of was the network.

    Bet her brother catches it.

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    Kazaa and aol are both spawns of satan....
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    How can internet connection sharing slow down the PC that much? I presume you mean that the bro was using his PC to talk to the net via hers? I could understand if the app was being run in the background on the same PC, was it? ...
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    I agree wald...

    Ok hammer i'll elaborate a lil : )

    Internet ------ Her computer-----Her brothers computer.

    Now her brother pc is networked to hers, but shes the only computer that should be connected to the internet. While on aol on her pc, her brother was useing her internet on his pc. IE when he ran his internet explorer, it reached the internet through her pc, through her connection.

    Being as aol is such a resource hog, having his big ass kazzaa dloads going ontop of whatever hse was doing was slamming her resource usage through the roof.

    lil clearer?

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    The good news is that once you get past 1.5GHz-- most of Microsoft's bloatware issues are tolerable.
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