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    Need your help, advice

    Hi all,
    My computer got a terrible virus and I could
    not open any files, even a .doc file. I am totally
    Does anyone tell me how to recover my files and
    make my computer go back as normal. Is that any
    powerful software outher I can buy to kill this virus and recovery all my files?
    I bought a Norton Antivirus software and
    installed my PC but I did not help a lot to recover my files. Your help is grateful.


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    You may not be able to recover your files at all. If the virus has overwritten them, chances are they're a gonna.

    Best thing is to use Norton (or whatever) to remove the virus, and get rid of all the suspect files... then see what you're left with
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    i hate it when that happens... i've get viruses a lot, and i ahve a firewall and antivirus program, but i disable them a lot cause my comp runs slowly, bad idea i know, hope u get rid of the nasty virus.
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