Thread: What is the difference?

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    What is the difference?

    What is the difference between RAD(rapid application development) protyping and CASE ( computerise aided software engineering)?

    Are they similar or different


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    <programming> (RAD) A loose term for any {software life-cycle} designed to give faster development and better results and to take maximum advantage of recent advances in development software.

    RAD is associated with a wide range of approaches to software development: from hacking away in a {GUI builder} with little in the way of analysis and design to complete {methodologies} expanding on an {information engineering} framework.

    Some of the current RAD techniques are: {CASE} tools, {iterative life-cycles}, {prototyping}, {workshops}, {SWAT team}s, {timebox development}, and {Re-use} of applications, templates and code.

    {RAD at BSO/Den Haag (}.

    ["Rapid Application Development", James Martin].


    <programming> (CASE, or "assisted") A technique for using computers to help with one or more phases of the {software life-cycle}, including the systematic analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of software. Adopting the CASE approach to building and maintaining systems involves software tools and training for the developers who will use them.

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    errr i think that is a broken link . .

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