Thread: XP Shared Drive Problem(?)

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    Question XP Shared Drive Problem(?)

    Another Windows XP problem: Earlier I had problem sharing a directory in XP, now I have a problem in NOT sharing a drive!

    When I right click on my C dive in Explorer & select sharing, I see that the C drive is shared as 'C$' (Default Share).

    I don't want my C drive to be shared, so I try to set it to 'Not Shared'. Windows then tells me that C drive is shared for 'adminitrative purposes' (what ever that is supposed to mean) and it will be set to shared again when Windows re-starts whether I like it or not.

    Has anybody ever come across this? What does it mean? How do I set my C drive to not shared?

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    It means Bill has decided he want access to your drive, so he makes you share it...


    Seriously though you might try logging in in Safe Mode without Networking and changing it from there.

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    means u have to log into the admin account(if not alrdy) and change the sharing settings in both the group policy editor and the computer management console.

    CMC can be found in the administrative tools folder. If this isn't in your start menu open the start menu properties and select to display them.

    gpcedit.exe(group policy editor) can be found in /windows/system32.

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