Thread: Installing Mandrake 9

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    Installing Mandrake 9

    I'm trying to install Linux on my computer with winXP. (STUPID STUPID STUPID WINDOWS!!!!)

    Anyway, it said to just restart and boot from the CD. I did that, and it gave me a message like "BOOTING FROM LINUX CD" and then it just sits there and never goes farther. So then I read the documentation, and it said to create a linux boot floppy, which I did. now the first screen comes up saying press enter to install of F1 for more options. But when i press enter, or use any of the other install options, it says "BOOT CD CANNOT BE FOUND. PLEASE SWITCH DISKS AND PRESS ENTER", whereupon the exact same thing happens. If anyone knows what's wrong I'd greatly appreciate any help.

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    thanks ill check it out

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