Thread: WinXP Network Connections pop-up

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    Angry WinXP Network Connections pop-up

    This Windows XP Network Connections pop-up is really starting to annoy me. Every time I want to log on to the internet, before I press "connect" using my internet software, the annoying Windows XP Network Connections pop-up just pops up and asks if I want to connect using it. I say no every time.

    I finally deleted the network connection, eliminating the annoying pop-up window, but then when I connect to the internet again, it recreates the network connection, and therefore the next time i want to connect to the internet, that annoying popup pops up again.

    And now it doesnt even ask me if it wants to connect using it, it just starts XP Network Connections pop-up....

    anyone know how to get rid of that thing? Permanantly???
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    XP Powertoys has an option to disable all popup helps like that. The balloon tips, all of it

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