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    Okay, just need some pointers here. Basically i'm interested in hosting my webpage on a linux server using apache of course, I have what i'd say a little more than basic networking knowledge, html knowledge, extensive hardware knowledge, and not jack **** for linux knowledge. I have no clue where to even start other than the stuff on google which half of it is just dutch to me. Do any of you all know a good book or other place to find good information on this??? thanks in advance.
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    so is this a question about Apache or Linux? Apache is a little daunting to anyone, because of the hundreds of choices and options it has... it's really a hell of a server...

    As far as Linux... look around and do some searches on here, you'll find plenty of info/links.

    And if you have any serious questions, check out
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    I'm not trying to protend that i know much about apache, i don't, i just ,know the bare basics - here is a very good link to a book -

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    It think, that the best to learn the configuration of Apache and usage of Apache is to install apache, to use it, to config it, to make some mistakes, to find the bugs and to prog for it.

    That was my way. I'm still writing very good dynamic engines for Apache, cause I'm using PHP, Perl, Python as modules for it.

    I have learned it, cause I have made mistakes and I have written progs for it, I have installed modules and I have written engines for it.

    Currently, I gonna code an module for it in C++, using the APACHE Api. It is a module for sharing, a kind Napstar, but it is a rewritten version of Cshare, a tool, that was written by a friend of me.


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    If you're just interested in hosting a webpage, then you don't need to know anything about Apache or Linux. You web host takes care of all that.

    If you're interested in hosting a web page and want to set up a
    home web server to test your php scripts and stuff then all
    you need is the win32 installer from the site. This,
    of course assumes you're running Windows at home. The installer
    will set up the apache server automatically on your system,
    but you have to give your server a unique name, because if
    you gave it a name like, say,, then everytime you wanted to come here, you would instead bring up your server. You also have to add some lines to your apache configuration file, and you have to add your server name to your
    list of local hosts in the applicable windows directory, depending
    on which version of Windows you are running.

    If you want to set up a linux server on your Windows machine (not recommended), then you'll have to partition a hard drive and install linux and compile a linux version of apache.

    The is much help available for anyone who wants to set up his/her own home server. The best one is, where you can find most anything you need. Of course, the site is also instructive.

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    pick up a unix book, basic ones assume no prior knowledge. Linux was made originally as a copy of unix, and they are essentially the same for your purposes. Interface will be the same, unless you use a gui to linux like what red hat provides. good luck. try borders bookstores if you're in the US, they have a good selection of computer and programming books.
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    U'R right -> Linux / UNIX rocks

    But you have nothing of it, if you're using books and you wanna not learn programming.

    But to prog is the best way to learn.
    Apache and CGI Programming and Configuration is a good one, I don't know if there is one like this in the US (cause my is in German) -> I think there is a version -> published by SAMS

    All configurations
    Server building
    Apache API
    Module Installing

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    just a suggestion, but if you wanna get started fast and easy, without getting into all the details, u can always try webmin for linux

    do a google search for it, u'll get a link for it.

    it's pretty much a web interface for lots of linux services, such as apache.

    though you definitely should eventually read a few books on it.

    also, might wanna check out (it saves a few config headaches), it's apache bundled up with php, perl, and ssl

    hope this helps,

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