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    image roll overs

    ok im makeing a website and i know alot aobut html and all but i havent made anything in a while and forgot how to make it to where when the mouse goes over one of the buttons in the menu it chanegs to anther picture
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    I did a quick search at google, and came across this page

    They have an example of it at the bottom, if thats not what you are looking for sorry, but thats what I thought it was.

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    I'm quite sure that Adobe Imageready 3.0 has a rollover feature.

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    geeezuz... image rollovers are such a simple javascript trick; if you can handle C/C++ then you can handle javascript!

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    you can do image rollovers in image ready, 3 and 7.

    in Dreamweaver, any version.

    Or you can just go to and look for it there.

    Yes it's easy to write as well, I don't know it off the top of my head, but any javascript book will have it as one of the first tutorials available.

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