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    Question Rights?

    Let's say, for example, I bought a desktop computer which comes together with a preloaded OS. Then after a few months, I plan to buy another desktop but as usual the bundle comes with a preloaded OS. It is possible not to accept that preloaded OS and get a cheaper price for that bundle? Are the retailers/salesman willing to do so? I am aware that those preloaded software are already discounted but I'm just curious is it possible to do that?

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    Depends. If you get a dell or hp, etc... then it does come preloaded with some version of windows. Some makers alow you to not have one, but those are the small computer makers (like privately run stores or computers of the net, etc), not as huge as dell, compaq, hp,etc.... who have deals with microsoft to load each comp with windows.

    Now if you build your own comp.....
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    Chances are, that if you call the distributor (Dell, Compaq, Gateway, whoever), they may agree to remove the OS from the system before shipping it and give you a discount. I don't think they are under any agreements with MS to push an OS with the system. Some of these companies are even offering Linux as an OS. It can't to call and ask ya know.
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    It all depends on the OEM license of the OS preloaded. I don't think OEM manufacturers (Dell, Compaq, etc.) are allowed to distribute their PCs without Windows.

    But I did hear a few weeks ago that Dell (I think it was Dell) are distributing PCs without an OS preloaded. They come with a copy of FreeDOS though. Let me see if I can find the article...

    Ah, here it is:,aid,103989,00.asp

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    I think it is setup so that no one can ship a computer with windows AND another OS installed. If you want to ship with windows thats the only OS that can be OEM installed on that box...

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    This is one of the areas where Microsoft's marketing was just way ahead of everyone else. They figured out how to compell PC makers to pay for a copy of DOS (or Windows whatever) for every PC they make-- whether or not the O/S ships with the box.

    But it doesn't really matter for you. When you get it, just fdisk the thing and put what you want on it.
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    Dell will allow you to get a no-os computer. I have several dells and i have had all them come without an os. Scince they all come with xp now the discount is prolly about 100.00 depends on the version.

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