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    Ping problem

    Computer config

    1 ADSL broadband
    2 computer (both using Windows 2000), one computer as server, another as client.Connect them using three lan cards.

    objective: share the broadband services within two computer using the software SyGate

    problem:Cannot share the broadband with client computer.After i setting the server computer have ip address as .Then the client computer have the ip address as I found server can ping the client successful. But client cannot ping the server (Have a message "Requested timed out"). Is the client's lan card have a problem ?
    Or another reason?

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    Firewall perhaps?

    Look, get rid of the crappy SyGate. If you want to run a _real_ network on your DSL, do it behind hardware.

    Your ADSL modem is your "router". Go to DLINK and get a DI-704 Gateway-- this will do your NAT, IP translation, firewalling, etc. Put it between your router and your Network. It will even act as a 10/100 E/Net switch for 4 ports. Plug both your computers e/net ports into the switch and set your IP UP. for for DI-704 (firewall). Set your router up with your static IP (it's better if you have that), and set each system up as and and so on.

    Hope that helps.

    The DI-704 will also automatically keep you connected.

    All hardware, works flawlessly, and doesn't screw you over if you have to restart a computer. Your ISP doesn't even know the difference and it will mean you never need to call them for support or software upgrades.


    If you setup another computer, you could use it for LINUX and run email and DNS services yourself, improving your throughput even more!

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