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    Intellimirror * For the Advanced *

    I've Installed Office 2000 using assigned Software Packages (Intellimirror)

    All the office components work except 1 part of Outlook, It's (the user's Roaming Profile for personal folders and mail services settings).

    When the user first runs Outlook on a PC, it installs and wants you to setup the personal folders and services, I did that, it works.

    But then when I go to a different PC and login as that same user, Outlook installs as it should but doesn't save any of the settings (services)

    I specified that the personal folders .pst location is in the roaming profile on the server, but the settings aren't saved. (Personal Folders, Pop3 account settings and the LDAP service)

    You expertise would be much apperciated,

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    Is that even possible ?

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