Thread: Computer Problems..... I NEED HELP!

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    Computer Problems..... I NEED HELP!

    Okay, it goes like this:
    I'll be chuggin along on my crappy old 200 MHZ computer, when suddenly I run out of virtual memory, and stuff starts shutting down. This makes no sense, because I'm not usually running that much stuff at the time, and in the computer's seven years of exsistence, it's never had this problem until about two weeks ago. It was only doing this when I had several windows open in internet explorer, but it's getting worse and I can't even compile stuff anymore. The computer has a really old version of Norton Antivirus that came with a little system doctor thingy that displays virtual memory usage (among other things), and it always shows plenty of free memory. Could this problem be caused by a virus? While we're on the subject of viruses, I need to update my virus definitions, but NAV needs a patch. Apparently the patch is not on the symantec website anymore. Does anyone know where I can get a file called nav95OB.exe?

    Any assistance in this matter would be GREATLY appreciated, because without the computer I WILL DIE! Thank you

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    Format the drive and clean install it again?

    I'm not sure but that's the way I treat my computer whenever I'm out of idea on how to fix errors that keep on popping out...

    Format pros: You'll get a clean system at the end of O/S installation

    Format cons: Your harddisk will die earlier that expected
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    You didn't give many details, (os, size of hd, etc.) but it sounds like your os has corrupted. I'm guessing win95/98.

    You might try changing the virtual memory settings in the performance page of your system properties. In stead of letting windows handle virtual memory try specifying a permanent swap file size 2 to 3 times your installed ram. Windows does a lousy job handling virtual memory and swap files.

    Also, if your hard drive is about full you could be having problems because of the default variable size swap file could be running out of room.

    Realistically, wiping your hd and doing a clean install of everything may be your best bet to get back up and running quickly. If you've been experiencing crashes and freezes it's hard telling how many system files have been corrupted.

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    Have you EVER ran a full format re-install on your computer? If not then it makes sense it's doing it now. Over time, and loading programs onto your computer, there gets to be so much crap that gets loaded up and running in the background it is insane. Look at taskmanager, how much stuff is running? I bet more than you think.

    A good place to start would be clearing out your taskbar.

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    You know it would be good if you would run System Mechanic or other good software to clean up your computer hard drive once in a while.
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    sometimes things like these can be fixed just by going into the Page File settings and turning off auto and setting it yourself.

    I have a 2ghz, 80gig, on xp with 512mb ram and my page file is set to a 100 minimum with NO maximum and its never even sputterd running everything known to man...almost :P

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