Thread: S/W to seperate tracks from music

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    S/W to seperate tracks from music

    Hey all.

    Is there any Software to adjust/separate different tracks from a music sound file? For example, to cancel/reduce the heavy background music and keep the bass and vocals, or keep the guitar track with the vocals.. something like that. (Like you can do with music created with Fruity Loops). I know how to extract vocals with Adobe Audition and such, but they can't provide the control that I'm looking for.

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    Doubt it. To keep files as small as possible, the minimum necessary to reproduce the music is going to be stored. Players don't need to known that in x millisecond "this" synth was playing "that" note with "those" settings. It was put together with a mixer which does not need to put that kind of stuff in the output to play the result.

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