Please, something like Terminal IDE (which was removed for lack of updates)?"

(Without installing .apps outside of Google Play (which isn't considered safe) is there anything for Android with the same functionality of the old Terminal IDE app?It is free/open-source/no ads, but Google removed it because it hasn't been maintained since 2013.

The most important features are:

  • Comes with a C compiler, or has a button to install one with one click

  • Easy enough for grannies to copy-paste input into it from emails, and to copy-paste output from it into emails

  • Git would be very nice, but no git isn't a deal-breaker

  • Sed, vi, or vim (or something else to edit source with. Emacs probably can't handle copy-pasting all input--it requires key combos for everything.)

Any iPad equivalents would be very appreciated as well (through Clang/LLVM?)