hello all,

From my research it looks like setting up a mail server should be a fairly simple process except that this does not look like the case with Amazon AWS.

In fact, from my understanding, once you have reverse DNS working, setting up email for the users on the host should be just a matter of installing and configuring the email server.

It looks like with Amazon AWS, merely setting up reserve DNS is a huge task whereby you even have to email them. After searching around for a while, they keep taking of having restrictions in place to ensure that people do not send emails beyond certain limitations? In other places people indicate that setting up email on AWS should be fairy complicated etc etc

Does anyone has experience with this? Had anyone probably even configured AWS for email already? Any input regarding this? This is should be my first time setting up an email server and it looks like my selected cloud provider is already getting in my way.

Any input/help/comment would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.