Thread: Loudness Equalization / Normalization

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    Loudness Equalization / Normalization


    When I play movies on my Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, the verbal Dialogs seems very quiet, while the sound Effects (like heavy booms) seems very noisy. So, even when I increase the sound to hear the dialogs, and suddenly when heavy sound effects start happening, it's very hard to hear what they are saying. I have the Conexant SmartAudio driver, and it doesn't have the Loudness Equalization option, though there's an option called "Night Mode" -- which does not seems to do anything. Also, I tried a couple of software including "Equalizer APO", though I'm not sure if I've configured it right -- cuz it's "Loudness Correction" option seems to lower All sounds equally.

    Is there a simpler fix to this sound issue?


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