Thread: A Windows 10 version 1809 feature?

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    A Windows 10 version 1809 feature?


    I've freshly installed Windows 10 1809v. Can't figure out what's the release date though; 2018-Oct or Nov edition, I guess.

    But the thing is, unlike the previous builds, this build seems to have a feature to automatically save what apps you had running when you shut down the machine. When I reboot, it auto loads those Apps I had opened on shutdown. Could this be a bug? A virus? or a feature in this Windows build?


    p.s. Also, is it that in this edition, users can choose to download updates or not? I don't wanna download all the updates, so just in case I've disabled the auto-update using the Group Policy.`
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    I found this webpage, it may solve your problem.
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