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    Those days

    I spent half of the day trying to work out why I couldn't program a PIC10F202, only to find out that I had soldered an identical looking (but very different) LT1933 in its place.

    The two devices were in trays next to each other and one jumped ship ship at some point!

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    it was a while ago but i did spend a day bleeding the brakes on the p6 wondering why i wasn't getting any fluid through because i had replaced the brake master cylinder kept checking further and further away from the calipers (the rear ones are inboard behind and above the diff a real git to get to) only when i finally worked my way all the way back to the brake reservoir to find i still had the clamp on it from when i clamped it off to replaces the master cylinder. i never did find the clamp after i threw it hard!!!

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    I once spent many hours trying to debug a program I was building, only to find out that (for some bizarre reason) the *.exe file wasn't written to whenever I tried compiling it...
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