Thread: App that syncs data between Andriod and PC

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    App that syncs data between Andriod and PC


    I donno if this is the right forum to ask programming questions. There's no Android section on the board, so I decided to put it in here.

    I want to create an android app that can be used to input data, and it should update that data on a remote server. The data also should sync with a PC App version -- somewhat like Viber. As you know, you can chat on Viber, and the data is synced with the PC version of the app.

    I have created an Android game before with Unity but haven't built any android apps, and have little knowledge of networking software. Usually I build standalone C# PC software.

    So, I wanna ask,
    * What IDE I need to create the android app.
    * Coz I wanna sync it with the PC App, with what I have to build the PC app.
    * Some information of how to send data over the internet via the Android app.

    Thanks for any input!
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    There are lots of IDEs that can be used to create Android apps. Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Android Studio are but a few. Any of them will allow you to achieve your goal.

    My recommendation would be to have a restful HTTP(S)/JSON service somewhere, that will do the synchronization. If your desktop app is C#, I highly recommend the RestSharp package, available from NuGet, in Visual Studio. You can probably also use it in Android, if you use Xamarin to develop the mobile app, although I haven't verified that.
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